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Tu Twoja kolekcja nabierze rumie├ac├lw!

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Bolo - From Spain


My name is Miriam and my nickname in the website: bolo.

I am a collector from Spain and I want to complete my Pokemon and Chester collections from Poland ^^

Hope you can help me with my goal! Mainly I am looking for tazos from Pokemon and also from Chester like Fiddler and Looker collections. I have a lot of tazos, cards, coins, stickers... from many different countries to swap (Dragon Ball Z, Yu Gi Oh, Digimon, Spiderman, Sonic, Indiana Jones, The Mask, Pokemon, a lot from Disney and much more).

I can send pictures of all I have and hope we can make swaps! :-> :->

Thanks for reading and have a great day !! :-P
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