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Forum Kolekcjoner√lw Rzeczy Najr√l¬zniejszych Forum Index Forum Kolekcjoner√lw Rzeczy Najr√l¬zniejszych

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Forum Kolekcjoner√lw Rzeczy Najr√l¬zniejszych Forum Index
Forum Kolekcjoner√lw Rzeczy Najr√l¬zniejszych - Registration Agreement Terms
Putting sale and purchase offers and advertising of online auctions are forbidden
General rules
  • § 1 Using of this Forum is free.
  • § 2 Forum enables collectors to be in contact with other collectors and to make exchanges, but the owner of this Forum does not bear the responsibility if a party of an exchange does not discharge of a promise.
Personal details
  • § 3 When registering to the Forum, user agrees for processing all his informations and personal details, also IP adresses, in registration form, for administrative purposes and to ensure proper functioning of this Forum. The data will not be transferred to any third party without user's permission, but the owner of this Forum does not bear the responsibility for any hacking attempts which may result in obtaining personal details of Forum's users.
  • § 4 In case of abuse or other provided by the provisions of law cases and at the request of competent state authorities, personal data can be given to law enforcement authorities or other state authorities in a manner consistent with legally valid in this scope regulations.
  • § 5 Concurrently, user agrres to receiving e-mails containing important informations about Forum from Administration and fot receiving automatic notifications generated by the Forum.
    • More informations about privacy and use of cookies can be found in "Privacy policy".
  • § 6 Materials published on are in copyright.
  • § 7 Copying, distributing or using of materials published on as a whole or partially without previous written permission of owner or user is forbidden.
    • More informations about copyrights and materials used on this website can be found in section "Copyright informations".
  • § 8 Administration means every Administrator and Moderator of the Forum.
  • § 9 Administration has right to modify, move, block and delete posts breaking the Forum Rules.
  • § 10 Administration makes every effort to run the Forum correctly, but it does not bear the responsibility for the contents published by users.
  • § 11 Administration reserves the right to disable the Forum without prior notification and without giving a reason.
  • § 12 Administration has right to make changes in user's profile, especially, when these changes are justified by ensuring proper functioning of the Forum.
  • § 13 Right to register has person who is at least 13 years old. This pharagraph is not retroactive.
  • § 14 Owning of two accounts is forbidden.
  • § 15 In a field "Kind of collection" writing ambiguous and undetailed informations, e.g. "many things", "various", "everything", not connected with collecting and random text strings are forbidden.
  • § 16 Account can be deleted:
    1. without notification if user did not activate his account within 14 days.
    2. with prior notification if user has not used the account for over a year. No response or activity on user's account within 7 days is synonymous to user's consent to delete his account.
Content of posts
  • § 17 Posts cannot contain content which violates the law in force, particularly:
    1. vulgar and offensive;
    2. presenting or propagate rasism, fascism, communism, violence and pornography;
    3. include false information in order to unfavorably dispose a property of the other people;
    4. links to illegally published copyrighted materials.
  • § 18 User have to be concerned about his language. Writing with numerous language or spelling errors and without punctuaction marks, which hinder or prevent from proper understanding is forbidden.
  • § 19 In "Exchange" section off-topic and overuse of emoticons are forbidden.
  • § 20 Forbidden is also:
    1. using only capital letters in content or topic of post and overusing of formatting styles (bold, italic, etc.);
    2. quoting very long posts or posts containing many images in [img] tags. Instead, irrevelant parts of text should be replaced with "(...)";
    3. typing long text strings (without spaces). The maximum length of such string is 80 characters.
  • § 21 Replying to posts which are breaking the Forum Rules is not inadvisable. Such posts should be reported to Administration through "Report this post to Administartion" function, available in each post in upper right corner.
  • § 22 Posting reference links (reflinks) and other requests for help in e.g. online games is forbidden. This prohibition does not apply to collecting and charitable links.
  • § 23 Maximal height of signature is 4 textlines in normal formatting style. It is possible to to add an image with a maximal size 19x350. In signature, [imguser] should be used instead of [img].
  • § 24 Red color is reserved only for Administration of the Forum.
  • § 25 Provisions of § 17, 18, 22 and 24 are applied to every integral part of the Forum.
Offers and topics
  • § 26 Offers and topics should be put in the right secton.
  • § 27 Setting up cumulative topics (with the objects which are the separate sections for) and putting them in the ‚ÄúOther‚ÄĚ section is forbidden.
  • § 28 Putting the sale and purchase offers, especially advertisements of the auctions and commercial websites, is strictly forbidden.
  • § 29 Photos added on the Forum should be clear and properly cropped. Maximal weight of the photo added as an attachment is 300 kB.
  • § 30 "Pricing" section is a moderated forum where all posts must be approved by Amidnistration before piblication (community decision of March 9, 2012).
    1. Putting pricing requests by new users is forbidden in this section.
  • § 31 Animals, efficient weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and dangerous substances exchange offers are forbidden.
  • § 32 Provisions of § 28 and 31 are applied to every integral part of the Forum.
  • § 33 User can get a warning for disregarding the Forum Rules and Administration comments.
  • § 34 A degree of the punishment is set individually.
  • § 35 For a substantial violation of the Forum Rules, user can be immediately removed from the Forum, and his data (IP, host, login, e-mail) blocked.
  • § 36 Warning is an information for user about his inappropriate behaviour or violation of the Forum Rules.
  • § 37 After getting warnings of a total value of 3 points user may not write on the Forum.
  • § 38 Warnings can be canceled after one month of irreproachable behaviour.
  • § 39 Getting warnings of a total value of 6 points is equal to removing a user from the Forum.
Final regulations
  • § 40 Issues not taken into account in this regulations will be considered individually by Administrators.
  • § 41 Forum Rules can be modified. Users will be informed about possible changes on the Forum.

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